News and events
 News and events 
News and events  
Vice President Tang Gaohua Led His Team To Participate In The Sino-foreign Cooperative School-running Declaration 2019/04/12 
A Grand Unveiling Ceremony of BGU(Beibu Gulf University) 2018/12/19 
The First BGU(Beibu Gulf University) Thai Calligraphy Competition 2018/12/14 
Signing Cooperation Agreement with Taipei University of Marine Technology 2017/07/03 
The Panel from Chinese Ministry of Education Finished the work of Undergraduate Education Assessment for the University 2017/06/22 
Launching Ceremony of the Event of 2017 World Ocean Day Held in the University 2017/06/09 
International students' Graduation Ceremony 2017/05/25 
Qinzhou University Attends 2017 Guangxi International Education Exhibition 2017/04/27 
Vice Mayor Paid visit to foreign teachers working in Qinzhou University 2017/01/12 
Kuantan City Councilor visits Qinzhou University 2016/11/30 
Mr. President Extend Greetings for Mid-Autumn Festival to International Students 2016/09/15 
Qinzhou University Student Volunteers Participate in the Opening Ceremony of Theme Activity of  Guangxi (Qinzhou ) Cultural Heritage Day 2016/06/12 
State Oceanic Administration Signed Agreement with Guangxi Government on Co-building Beibu Gulf University 2016/06/08 
Delegation of Jade University of Applied Sciences Visit Qinzhou University  2016/06/01 
A Malaysian Delegation visits Qinzhou University 2016/05/24 
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